I am an ME Student in the Dept. of Computer Science and Automation at Indian Institute of Science .I am currently working on accelerating query execution on CPU-GPU heterogeneous architecture under the guidance of Prof. Jayant Haritsa at the Database Systems Lab..


M.E. (Computer Science and Engineering)
Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
Year : 2015 - Present
CGPA : 6.1 (out of 8)
Courses taken: Database Management Systems, Operating System, Data Mining, Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Linear Algebra, Compiler Design, Software Reliability Techniques

B.Tech. (Computer Science)
Madhav Institute of Technology & Science, Gwalior(M.P.)

Year : 2011 - 2015
CGPA : 7.7 (out of 10)

Class 12th (Maths Science)
Marble Rock School(CBSE), Jabalpur(M.P.)

Year : 2010 - 2011
Percentage : 76.2%

Class 10th
Bardsley English Medium School (CBSE), Katni(M.P.)

Year : 2008 - 2009
Percentage : 89.4%


M.E. Projects

  • Acclerating Query Execution on CPU-GPU Heterogeneous Architecture (M.E. Thesis)

  • Single User Relational Database System (Database Management System , Fall 2015)
    In this project, we implemented a single user relational database management system. It has a mysql kind of interface. Here we have build all three layers of DBMS namely physical layer, Schema layer and Algebra layer.

  • Augmenting PintOS Operating System (Operating System, fall 2015)
    In this project, we implemented various parts of PintOS operating system. We strengthened the thread system making it handle multiple threads of execution with proper synchronization, I/O interactivity of the user programs i.e. enabling user programs to interact with the OS via system calls, implemented virtual memory so that the number and size of programs that can run is not limited and last we improved the functionality of the file system .

  • Liveness Analysis and Various Optimizations (Compiler Design, Spring 2016)
    In this project, we did the liveness analysis of the programs which gives the live variables at every point in the program.Second,we optimized the matrix multiplication code and Harris Corner Detection algorithm code by using features like transformation, scaling, tiling and executing them in parallel by using openmp.

  • Data Mining (Spring 2016)
    In this course, we implemented various algorithms like Spectral Clustering, Random Forest and Coordinate Descent Algorithm .

  • Software Reliability Techniques (Spring 2016)
    In this course, we implemented a paper "Race detection for Android applications(DroidRacer)".

B.Tech Projects

  • Heart Rate Mobile Application (Minor Project, Spring-2013)
    In this project, we developed an android application for measuring the pulse rate of a human.

  • ERP Dashboard System (Major Project, 2014-15)
    In this project, we developed an android application for the ERP system of the college which gives all the important information of the students, faculty and various departments. The departments as well as faculties can update the information and the students can see it.


  • Secured AIR 25 with a score of 940 in Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE), Computer Science, 2015.
  • Certified in IBM tools Rational Team Concert and Rational Application Developer.
  • Appointed as IBM student ambassador in the college for the period September’13 - May’15.