DSL Current Projects

  • RQP
    A tutorial on robust query processing in relational database engines.

    A non-invasive tool for extracting hidden SQL queries from black-box executables.

    A data regeneration tool for dynamically regenerating client data processing environments at vendor sites.

    A graphical tool that showcases the plan bouquet approach to providing robust query processing.

  • CODD
    A graphical tool that supports the construction of dataless databases on industrial-strength database engines.

    A graphical tool to evaluate the behavior of industrial-strength database query optimizers.

Past Projects

    Value-addition tool for reducing query optimization overheads through a technique of plan recycling.

  • MIRA
    Multilingual database system for providing "natural-language-neutral" storage and operators.

  • MASK
    Algorithms for privacy-preserving mining of association rules.

    Object-oriented database system for seamless integration of data types occuring in bio-diversity studies.

    Database middleware for providing flexible cost-based solutions to XML storage and statistics.